in short

Giota Tachtara was born in Greece, studied Political Science in Athens and Journalism in Los Angeles (UCLA). Since 2002, she has been writing, editing and translating for women’s magazines, websites and newspapers, interviewing artists, designers and a wide array of cultural workers and covering yearly events like the New York Fashion Week and the MET Gala for Vogue Greece. Her opinion columns, essays and short stories have been featured in major publications in Greece, USA and Turkey.

For more than ten years she has moved around between Ann Arbor, Princeton, Athens and Istanbul with her partner and their two sons, leaving a trail of Lego bricks all the way back to Ann Arbor, where they finally settled in 2020 for good. She works as the Events & Communications Coordinator for the departments of American Culture and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan, maintains her monthly opinion column "Viewpoint" at Vogue and just published her first book of fiction Οχτώ Λεπτά

contact: giota.tachtara@gmail.com